About this blog

So, who am I trying to reach with this blog? Like-minded individuals who believe that immigration in Canada and on a global level needs to be overhauled.

And by “overhauled” I don’t mean “tightened.” I mean “relaxed”, so it can be more in line with the realities of our globalized times. For example, I hardly know a single Millennial who has not lived or studied abroad at least once. Yet, obtaining a student visa remains a difficult and costly thing to do.

But relaxing immigration rules is not enough. My wildest fantasy for humanity is a world truly without borders. And no, I’m not crazy to say this. The world already has a positive example of a borderless area: Europe’s Schengen area, which is made up of 25 countries.

I don’t for a second buy the argument that eliminating borders will cause the entire developing world to move to Western Europe and North America. Again, look at Europe: most Poles and other Central Europeans still live in their own countries; they haven’t moved to Western Europe en masse simply because EU law allows them to do so.


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