Toronto council approves access to services for undocumented migrants!

This is fantastic news and it just came in.

But activists say this is not the end of the struggle. There is still work to do and one goal now is to ensure that immigrants do indeed access these services. I just signed up to help do that and you should too!

Why? Because even if you’re a legal immigrant or a native Canadian, it affects you directly. If undocumented migrants cannot report abuse and access services, then they practically become a segregated underclass, which brings a whole set of social and economic problems for all of us.

But they came here illegally or overstayed their visas, you might say. Yes, I know. But they’re already here, they already contribute to the economy – entire sectors depend on them, and they often pay taxes. So the smart move is to legally acknowledge this fact by making Toronto a sanctuary city.

I totally wish I could have attended the event at City Hall today – but I’m not in Toronto and won’t be there for another week.

Anyway, this city will now hopefully be like the love of my life, New York, in one more way.

Kudos to all the hard-working activists who made this happen. This is such a great lesson: pressure works.

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