Canada’s new detention rules, the exploitation of Europe’s Roma and other migration news

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It’s been busy the past two days, but here are the more important migration news items that caught my eye.

This is a nice interview about Canada’s new detention rules. One of the things it touches upon is just how lucrative the detention business is. It only mentions the United States, but this is true across the world. Which is why governments continue to detain migrants, as I’ve also pointed out in a previous post – despite the fact that it’s anything but progressive to lock up people who have committed no felony and despite the fact that it costs the state lots of money money to incarcerate these people.

Roma exploitation: end of the dream. This is a great, detailed piece explaining how Roma people from Eastern Europe often face exploitation in Western Europe and how traffickers benefit from the plight of these people.

And this is a nice editorial in the New York Times about the importance of preventing the abuse of migrant workers in the United States. I’m so happy The Times is talking about this because having lived in America, my experience is that the rights of migrant workers are usually seen as separate from the rights of native workers – as if one group is less entitled to dignity and respect.  But this division is exactly what causes abuse and forces many foreign workers to accept lower wages. So it makes no sense to admonish the migrants and never look at the dysfunctional immigration laws.

And one more: “Anti-Amnesty Groups Prepare for Immigration Battle“.

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