“Toronto considers giving underground migrants access to services without fear”

In case you’ve missed this very important news item, here it is.

Very encouraging news indeed. Toronto City Council will vote on the motion on Thursday. If it’s a “yes”, undocumented migrants will be able to access city services without fear of deportation or detention, making Toronto the first such city in Canada.

To me, the following quote from the story really sums it up:

“The undocumented live here, work here and pay taxes here. They are part of the community. They also need services and support. Government services should not be tied to immigration status,” said Karin Baqi of the Solidarity City Network, an umbrella group behind the campaign.

“They are the backbone of our economy. They take care of our kids, clean our offices and build houses.”

Here is also a great op-ed about making Toronto a sanctuary city by some members of the Solidarity City Network, the umbrella organization advocating for this change.

But I’m sad to see all the negativity in the comments. I don’t agree that this move will encourage illegal migration – at the expense of native Canadians and legal migrants.

I’ll be watching closely!

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