Launch of “The immigrant war” book

This video just came out. I was so lucky to attend the event pictured – the launch of a book about immigration, “The immigrant war”, by journalist Vittorio Longhi. And will you believe it, my question during the discussion – about how migrants can organize themselves – made it to the video.

Enough about the video. A few words about Longhi’s book.

Read it!

Seriously, if you haven’t done so, read it – whether you’re looking to learn more about immigration or whether you already have a background in the field.

It’s a great overview of the situation of undocumented migrants in the Persian Gulf countries, the United States, Italy and France.

In addition to documenting the abuse these people consistently face (at work and beyond), Longhi also describes in detail a budding global movement of migrants rising up to defend their rights. He gives detailed examples of immigrant strikes in all of these countries – what worked and what didn’t work.

He also chronicles the development of the DREAM movement in the United States. (Reminds me of course of Jose Antonio Vargas and his great work. I love this guy.)

But back to Longhi’s book. His main idea is that because immigrants do not have a lobby and because on a global level immigration rules are still a patchwork of different national policies, it is up to the migrants to stand up for themselves and call for fairer and more globally unified migration policies.

Oh, and I definitely loved the fact that the book is written in a simple, accessible way. No jargon.

I read it in two days – and that’s only because I had to go to work! I’m the kind of reader who loves to scribble notes in the margins, so my fresh copy is already covered with them.

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2 Responses to Launch of “The immigrant war” book

  1. Aida Kidane says:

    The world is made of migrants some came sooner some later but still migrants!

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